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Blending the Best of Modern Living with the Environment, Community and Neighborhood

Asset Midwest LLC Neighborhoods

As an Indiana new home builder and developer with over 35 years experience, Asset Midwest, LLC strives to create neighborhoods that value and promote the American dream of living in a true community in which families can feel safe and secure as they work or relax.

A home in a comfortable and safe neighborhood creates the fabric of life that warmly wraps around and protects us. When we take on a project in Indiana as a new home builder and developer, we always look first to see if the necessary elements exist to create a strong enough fabric to support a happy and healthy family in the modern world. The elements we look for include the quality of education available in the community, along with the proximity to popular family activities, such as parks and recreational facilities, shopping malls and local retail centers, as well as houses of worship, healthcare providers and other professional services.

To be a successful Central Indiana new home builder and developer, we know that building character into a neighborhood is as important as building the houses in it. That's why we are always sensitive to the impact our communities have on the environment and existing neighbors, and why we pay close attention to the little details that make up the big difference between a costly house and a new home that becomes a wise, long-term investment in "The Way Life Should Be…"

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