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Plat Restrictions

Plat Restrictions & Architectural Guidelines for Builders and Homeowners

Minimum Square Footage

All Lots Except Wooded Wooded Lots
Ranch Style Homes — 1,800 Ranch Style Homes — 2,200
Two Story Homes — 2,200 Two Story Homes — 2,600

Additional Building Requirements

  • Building Set Back Requirements
    • 25 Ft. Front Yard
    • 30 Ft. Rear Yard
  • Landscape Requirement
    • Landscape design required with Architectural Committee approval.
    • Landscape completion requirement is one hundred–eighty (180) days of the earlier occupancy or completion of dwelling.
    • A minimum of two (2) trees in the front yard lot planting area, all to be a minimum of 3½ in diameter
  • Miscellaneous Requirements
    • Fences, mini-barns, and in-ground pools by written approval of Architectural Committee.
    • Sidewalks required on all lots.
    • Uniform mailboxes are required and shall be approved by Architectural Committee. Installation cost is Owner's responsibility. Please call Jerry Highly four weeks prior to move-in to have the mailbox installed, 765-747-0977.
    • Uniform yard lights are required and shall be approved by Architectural Committee prior to installation. Owner shall install light prior to completion of construction at Owner's expense.
    • Dumpster or trash bin required on site beginning at the framing stage.
  • Homeowners Association Miscellaneous Requirements
    • All new home designs, placement, landscaping shall be approved by the AC.
    • Commercial vehicles, boats, trailers, campers, etc. are not permitted on the property except within enclosed garages.
    • Satellite dishes must be approved for location and no larger than 24 inches.
    • Property owners' association fee of $175 per year has been assessed to each lot. This fee will cover repair and maintenance of common areas and will be collected (pro–rated to the day or the closing) at closing.

Contact Jerry Highley at 765-747-0977 or Carol Tucker at 317-574-4175 for all Architectural and Developer Approvals.

Print Plat Restrictions & Architectural Guidelines - 116 K

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For more information about Carrington Woods plat restrictions and architectural guidelines, contact us today!

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